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Three New Taylor Cutouts.

Performing at Madison Square Garden. 8.27.09

CMA Music Fest 2009. Love that dress. :)

CMA Music Fest 2007. Picture from end of "Tim McGraw" performance. It was the day it was announced that she was platinum, exactly a year after this song was first performed live.

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You make me want to laugh
sing and dance - smile
Its like I'm jumping, just freefalling
Going into the place where
I'm just in your arms

Nothing is wrong
Anything can happen
It makes me the luckiest girl
I love you, so let's freefall

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Par of - because I had no idea

I wrote this chorus/verse sitting on the beach yesterday. I have most of the song figured out, but still am working on the rest of it. More up soon, I promise.

Because I had no idea
That as the tides changed so would our lives.
And as we changed we drifted like sand
Because I had no idea
That you would be the one
Who would cause it all, to come to the crashing end
You've had the idea and you've made this change.
I'm done watching this sea like I'm done with you.
Because now, this is my idea.

I still can't write a happy love song. I can only write sad ones....I wrote so much this weeked and there will be a lot up once I can get them typed. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, you all know me, or some of you may not.

My name is Ally. I'm a pretty creative person. I love music, I have been playing cello for several years - I'm too lazy to count and have recently learned guitar. I'm a big fan of music. It pretty much rules my life. I can't go a day without it. I hear it everywhere. In the air, in my head. I'm fluent in a few languages, English, Italian, Greek and Spanish - I also know some French. I want to work these languages into my writing and song writing. I come from a large family and have lived in three countries, but these things, especially my family are so important to me. I'm currently in the great city of New York. Which I love.

Well, I've created this blog to post my random creative thoughts. Wether Art, Music, Writing, and really just anything. I hope you enjoy. :)